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About Us

The Paterson Times is an online newspaper covering politics, public safety, business, culture, and education news in Paterson, New Jersey.

Since its inception in 2012, the paper has been providing authoritative and unbiased coverage of the Silk City, a municipality of 146,000 residents.

Every month the Paterson Times serves more than 100,000 readers. The paper’s online platform receives more than 150,000 page views every month.

The Paterson Times is a member of the New Jersey News Commons, a Montclair State University initiative to connect Garden State news organizations and strengthen journalism. In 2013, the paper worked closely with the news commons’ Immigration Project to showcase the plight of illegal immigrants in local communities and in the nation.

In 2015, the paper’s lead reporter Jayed Rahman received an award in “best local news” from the New Jersey chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, during its annual Excellence in Journalism Awards.

The Paterson Times continues to grow with a mixture of local advertising and community support.