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Antisemitism has no place in Paterson

Antisemitism has no place in Paterson

As a Passaic County Freeholder and a resident of Paterson I was very disturbed to learn of councilman Mike Jackson’s antisemetic remarks at this week’s Paterson City Council meeting.  I can not speak for Councilman Jackson’s intention or his heart, but his remarks are offensive and also help fuel a negative perception of Paterson. This


Against hiring aides for Paterson council members

Imagine that you apply for a job, interview for the position, successfully convince everyone in the room that you are a superstar candidate, well able to accomplish great things if given the chance. Imagine that everyone present is so impressed with your pitch the boss says the magic words, “You’re hired”.


Plight of an activist

I wish to share a personal thought about the plight of being an activist. Aside from the awards, citations, warm expressions and salutes, there is a real sacrifice to be made when choosing to advocate for others, no matter the issue.


Let Hinchliffe Stadium live again

Hinchlffe Stadium is the embodiment of the decline of our city. Its facade a shattered wreck, the stands neglected and overgrown, the playing field a total ruin. Its glorious and historic past a dim memory.  Some would argue that it’s a busted flush, its best days are behind it; you might as well raze it