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Letter: Time is now for Hinchliffe Stadium

Twenty years ago this month, Hinchliffe Stadium closed its doors. Laval Wilson, the superintendent of the Paterson Public Schools in 1997, was presented with two options, restoration at a cost of $4.8 million dollars or demolition at a cost of four million dollars. With a difference of only $800,000, Wilson was leaning toward demolition and


Paterson teachers’ union raises questions about online speech therapy program

The Paterson Education Association (P.E.A.) is deeply disturbed by the prospect of utilizing students at Paterson School Number 18 as test cases for Online speech-language therapy in place of utilizing a traditional teacher. According to the Paterson Times, the Paterson School District is mulling the idea of providing approximately eighty-five (85) students with this service


Mayoral candidate dismayed by council’s failure to pass no confidence measure on indicted Paterson mayor

On Tuesday evening a vote was taken by the Paterson City Council on indicted Mayor Jose Torres. Within the resolution that was presented for a vote was a vote of no confidence and also included a call for Mayor Torres to resign from his position effective immediately in light of the NJ Attorney General’s indictment.