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Corey Teague for Paterson school board

I gladly write this letter to forward my admiration and full support of Corey L. Teague for School Board Commissioner in the upcoming November 2019 election. Mr. Teague is a fighter for our children, our community, and more importantly, a fighter for those who are often underserved and underrepresented: the special needs children of Paterson


Antisemitism has no place in Paterson

As a Passaic County Freeholder and a resident of Paterson I was very disturbed to learn of councilman Mike Jackson’s antisemetic remarks at this week’s Paterson City Council meeting.  I can not speak for Councilman Jackson’s intention or his heart, but his remarks are offensive and also help fuel a negative perception of Paterson. This


Against hiring aides for Paterson council members

Imagine that you apply for a job, interview for the position, successfully convince everyone in the room that you are a superstar candidate, well able to accomplish great things if given the chance. Imagine that everyone present is so impressed with your pitch the boss says the magic words, “You’re hired”.