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Paterson Artwalk 2013

Vendors and visitors and artists from all over New Jersey came to the Great Falls National Park on Saturday morning to attend the 5th annual Paterson Art Walk, an event organized and put-together by the Ivanhoe Artist’s Mosaic.


Making Paterson Green; City Green Garden Contest Winners

Urban farmers of all stripes gathered in East Side Park to decide who has the greenest garden in the area. City Green, a promoter of urban farming, organized the event. It visited a large number of gardens around the city, took photos of each, and then placed them in an head to head contest to

Labor Day Poems Singing Of Paterson’s Past

In his poem collection “organized labor: collected poems,”  Daniel P. Quinn paints a portrait of the 1913 labor strike in Paterson, NJ. The strike came as a result of technological innovation in the silk industry, which allowed the owners of the silk-mills to buy high tech machines that would replace workers. In other words, where