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School Uniform: Oh, Yes, Good

By P.T.
Published: August 19, 2012


Paterson Board of Education has established new guidelines which allows schools to establish a uniform policy for students, reported a small time local news source. Uniforms have been instituted in many of the of schools in Paterson from Don Bosco, now an extension of School 5, as well as John F. Kennedy High school.

It is commonly held that school uniforms, if enacted and students oblige by it,  allow school authorities to easily identify their pupil, and thus it can be used to crack down on students who wander around the streets skipping school — a common issue in Paterson.

Not only that, it also scales back or back-seats student competitiveness over conspicuous consumption. The new guidelines will allow all schools the option of instituting a uniform policy.

Many such uniforms are over-priced and expensive, and in a poor city, it becomes extremely difficult for needy families to go out and buy 100 plus dollars worth of clothing, which will only be worn in school, and becomes wholly useless outside it. How can a school system force a family to buy over priced merchandise?

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