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Memory And Marijuana Connection

By P.T.
Published: August 28, 2012

Smoking weed, often the subject of songs and television shows, has proliferated and penetrated youth culture in America to such a degree that 1 in 10 teenagers smoke pot frequently, 20 or more times a month; a study completed by Madeline Meier of Duke University and a group of international researchers asserted that regular cannabis smoking can cause long term problems such as, decline in intelligent quotient (IQ), shortening of attention span, and memory defects.

But, these effects are limited to teenagers, those who are under the age of 18; people who begin getting high after their 18th birthday did not show similar signs of mental decline. Data released earlier during the year by Center of Disease Control (CDC), stated 23-percent of all American teenagers recently smoked weed.

It is now clear, that smoking weed is harmful for teenagers, in other words: “there is no hope with dope”.

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