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Marketing Course Comes to JFK High School

By P.T.
Published: October 25, 2012


John F. Kennedy High School will be among few of the schools in New Jersey to offer a marketing course: Principles of Marketing, reported a New York newspaper.  The idea behind the program is to help give students a glimpse of the real world of business and to prepare them for careers after high school.

Some teachers also feel that the marketing course will give students a leg up when it comes to college — your correspondent took that same course, Principles of Marketing, during the first year of college. Offering students in high school a course that is normally taught in college will help students get ahead  if  they decide to attend college.

Teachers were trained by Career and Technical Education Partnership (CTEP), during a three day seminar on how to instruct and teach the materials in the subject.

The course will cover up-to-date marketing materials and teach students relevant skills to market and promote their own ideas.

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