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Passaic County Sheriff’s Website Hacked

By P.T.
Published: October 28, 2012

A cached version of the hacked website of the Passaic County Sheriff's Office.

Sometimes this week it appears that the website of the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office was hacked. A Google result shows the site was compromised (pictured). Index page title of the office’s website was changed to, “Acyclovir Toxicity In Renal Failure, & Cheapest Price ()”.

A Google cached screenshot of the site shows a white background with what appears to be spam advertisement of drugs plastered all over the index page.

When clicked on the warning text, a message from Google reads, ” we show this warning message for search results that we believe may have been hacked or otherwise compromised.”

We’ve attempted to call the Sheriff’s Office, but it was closed. It seems the website has returned to normal and the message has been removed.

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