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Dover Business College Dean’s List: Fall 2012

By P.T.
Published: January 19, 2013

The following students from Paterson attending Dover Business College, a for-profit school located in Clifton, have earned academic distinction by making it on the Dean’s List or Honor’s List.

Students with a grade-point-average of 3.8 or higher are placed on the Dean’s List; students with grade-point-average of 3.5-3.79 are placed on Honor’s List.

In other words, students that are slightly better in terms of grades receive Dean’s list, while those who lag behind a little are placed on Honor’s list.

Dean’s List:

Alfredo Reyes
Ali Alhamayel
Asma Sheikh
Betsy Vargas
Bouchaib Lakhouili
Cristy Ramirez
Cynthia Bondah
Cynthia Izaguirre
Doreen Henderson
Eric Parrilla
Fatima Garcia
Gleny Sosa
Houda Lamkaouar
Ivette Pineda
Jessica Sanchez
Katherine Martinez
Kesha Carter
Kimberly Cunyas
Lizbet Contreras
Madeline Rodriguez
Maritza Cruz
Martha Almonte
Michala Murray
Mohamed Alhamayel
Natoya Swaby
Quashema Abeson
Robin Matthewson
Rosa Rodriguez
Roxana Centeno
Saralee Hidalgo
Sheniia Thomas
William LaBarbera

Honor’s List:

Marjorie Ahumada
Sandra Alejo
Eyad Alhamayel
Natania Arce
Sara Cespedes
Karen Chavez
Steven Coleman
Jennifer Cummings
Rosalyn Dawson
Michardie Delgado
Merita Demo
Madeline Fernandez
Asion Frazier
Shantel Fullwood
Frinet Garcia
Ariel Gray
Joet Green
Yameliza Hogges
Ayana Jacobs
Natanael Lora
Holly Marshall
Yomaira Martinez
Cassandra Oquendo
Carolina Rojas
Mary Sanchez
Munube Saziman
Kaylee Torres
Johan Vasquez
Ronald Villasante

Congratulations! to all of these Patersonians who make their city proud, and we hope they continue to excel in academia and in life.

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