Irene Sterling, president of PEF, to retire this Fall | Paterson Times

Irene Sterling, president of PEF, to retire this Fall

The president of Paterson Education Fund, Irene Sterling, announced she will be retiring at the end of this year, after serving more than three decade at the non-profit organization she founded.

PEF as it is commonly known was started by Ms Sterling 30 years ago to advocate for the improvement of public education in Paterson. The organization held demonstrations in Trenton and Washington DC when politicians wanted to cut and reduce funding from the city’s public school system.

At home, inside the city, the non-profit held weekly book readings at local libraries called Paterson 50 Book Club where children competed to out do each other in reading the largest number of books. It is a smart way to promote literacy.

At age 65 Ms Sterling has earned an well deserved retirement from her tireless work looking after the interest of those who cannot look after it themselves: public school children.

In the mean time, Ms Sterling biggest challenge prior to her retirement in Fall 2013, will be finding a successor, who embodies the same ideals and the same fighting spirit as herself.