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Straight Street drug distribution grocery store raided; 3 arrested

By P.T.
Published: March 29, 2013

A well-manned drug operation run out of a small grocery store in Straight Street was busted by the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, according to the Record, a Woodland Park based newspaper.

The Sheriff’s Office watched and monitored the store for a month to determine whether the suspicions were true — they found that it was indeed true: cocaine, heroine, and marijuana were being distributed and sold over the counter as if they were packets of chewing gum.

Boly Supermarket, the store located on Straight Street that sold illicit drugs, was raided by Sheriff’s Officers at around 6pm on Thursday; three individuals were arrested: two employees of the store, and the son of the store owner. Police uncovered besides the drug $10,000 in cash — not the income of a typical bodega.

Argenis Pardo, 29-year-old, the store owner’s son; Eric Arce, 29, of Clifton; Pedro Rivera, 23; all three have been charged with drug possession among other charges. Richard Berdnik, Passaic County Sheriff, expressed disgust and dismay at the use of a community institution like a family owned grocery store to distribute illegal drugs.

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