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Paterson Police’s Friday night special operation

By P.T.
Published: April 7, 2013


On Friday night police sirens were impossible to miss as Paterson Police special operations task force patrolled the city’s streets issuing more than 200 tickets to motorists, arresting 18 individuals, and confiscating more than $3,000 worth of illegal drugs.

In the sudden show of force the police department has increased expectations in the minds of residents. More than 30 officers from various department descended onto the streets for a night of activity from 6pm to 4am on Friday.

Residents of the city expressed positive sentiments of the Friday night operation, and some hoped this would happen more often; a resident of Paterson Avenue, Mohammed said, “I wish they’d do more of this so crime comes down”.

However, Glenn Brown, the director of police, told the Record, a Woodland Park based newspaper, that this may not happen every Friday night. And he stated he wished to do more such similar operations around the city at various periods.

Last month news came out of City Hall that the City has made plans — which has been approved by the State — to hire 21 police officers. Once the new batch-hiring is completed Mr Brown might be able to do his special operations at least once a week.

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