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Uncle Paul: Lying and violation of privacy

By P.T.
Published: April 10, 2013

The fourth in a long series of advice column by Uncle Paul; in this piece Uncle Paul answers two questions having to do with deception and handling violation of personal privacy.

Dear Uncle Paul,

What are your thoughts on this quote: “It is impossible for someone to lie unless he thinks he knows the truth.”?

– Ahmed (Paterson, NJ)

Dear Ahmed,

The only reason someone would lie is because they are trying to hide the truth. This would suggest that one already knows the truth not just that “he thinks he knows.” Most of the time lying is used to save one’s pride. For example, you tell your classmate you own an iPad but in reality you don’t. This is a flat out lie to protect your pride, to show that you’re cool. Lies can come in many forms, so in all honesty we probably all tell lies.

Dear Uncle Paul,

I was in study hall when a friend of mine snatched my phone and started to read my text messages. The teacher there saw the phone out and took it and started to read the texts out loud to the whole class. I told her I wasn’t texting and clearly it was not my fault the wrong was done by my friend who snatched the phone from me. Could I get this teacher fired for violating my privacy reading my texts to the full class?

-SeriousQuestion (West Paterson, NJ)

Dear SeriousQuestion,

I understand you may be feeling a little violated but no lawyer will take your case. Not to mention getting this teacher fired wouldn’t stop the fact that everyone already knows the contents of your text messages. I would suggest you get a better friend.

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