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Paterson charter schools performance: “average” and below

By P.T.
Published: April 11, 2013


Yesterday the New Jersey Department of Education released its yearly School Performance Report cards for both charter schools in Paterson: Community Charter School of Paterson and Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology.

The report states that the school, Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology, a k-12 school located on Lehigh Avenue, is performing average in a state-wide comparison with schools around New Jersey. However, compared to schools that have similar students in terms of demography this charter school is performing, “high when compared to its peers.”

Community Charter School of Paterson, a k-4 school located on Spruce Street, performed significantly worse in a state-wide comparison. The report card read, “This school’s academic performance significantly lags in comparison to schools across the state.” It’s academic performance not only lags in state-wide comparison but also in a peer comparison with local public schools.

The school report card clearly demonstrates that some charter schools are simply much better than others.

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