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Mail-in ballots show incumbents leading

By P.T.
Published: April 16, 2013

The mail-in ballots counted by election authorities show 2 incumbents: Christopher Irving, with 91 votes, and Alex Mendez, with 222 votes, leading; one of the new comers, Nelly Celi managed to grab the third spot with 90 votes in the Paterson Board of Education Election.

William Connolly, another new comer, received 56 votes; Juan Sosa, another new candidate, received 88; Kenneth Simmons, the only incumbent, who appears to be losing, received 80 votes. And Alveria Spencer, a new comer, has received 81 votes.

Alex Mendez, 222 votes.
Christopher Irving, 91 votes.
Nelly Celi, 90 votes.
Juan Sosa, 88 votes.
Alveria Spencer, 81 votes.
Kenneth Simmons, 80 votes.
William Connolly, 56 votes.

These are only the mail-in ballot counts; the finally tally has yet to come.

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