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East 22nd Street store used as a drug distribution center

By P.T.
Published: April 27, 2013

Alex Appliances, located on East 22nd Street, was raided by authorities after it emerged that the shop was being used as a front to sell illegal drugs throughout North Jersey.

On Thursday Passaic County Sheriff’s Office raided the store arresting three men, Jose Borbon, 44-year-old; Jose Castillo Adalberto, 38; and Erasmo Delacruz, 52, connected to the drug distribution ring. The two former individuals were illegally staying in the United States, but are originally from the Dominican Republic. The third man was an employee who was wanted by police for not keeping up with child-support payments.

The store was used for storing and procession marijuana and heroin. The three men packaged heroin into bags for distributions; and did the same with marijuana. During the raid police confiscated an unspecified amount of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

All three have been charged, and are awaiting arraignment.

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