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School 5 under lockdown after a gunman was spotted

By P.T.
Published: May 24, 2013


School 5 located on Totowa Avenue was under lockdown earlier today when someone reported seeing a gunman outside the school building.

At around 12pm a presumed gunman was spotted near the school building.

Students and staff members followed basic procedure: locking the class room doors, obstructing the classrooms front window with construction papers, and hiding under the desk or relocating to the corner of the room so that when a potential shooter passed by the window he would not see targets inside the class rooms.

Inside a 6th grade classroom one of the students upon being informed of the incident began crying out of fear that some harm will be inflicted upon him and his classmates; after news arrived that there was no gunman his tears halted.

It was later determined that the spotted gunman was not wielding a weapon but a man driving a lawnmower near Hinchliffe Stadium.

After the Paterson Police Department responded it was clear that there was no gunman; the school’s principal went on the loud speaker and said everything was clear.

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