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Downtown sidewalk sales start June 1st

By P.T.
Published: May 30, 2013

An image of the city's downtown.

Downtown sidewalk sales are set to start this weekend and last until August 31st, according to Sheri Ferreira, executive director of the Downtown Paterson Special Improvement District, an organization that looks out for the interests of downtown businesses.

Stores in the retail district are welcome to participate in the event if their location falls within the permit boundary. Businesses located on certain sections of Main and Market Streets, Ellison Street, and Broadway are eligible to promote their wares on the sidewalk during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of the three summer months: June, July, and August.

Shoppers will be able to enter into a lottery at the cash register to test their luck every week; the winners in the month of June will be awarded “Family Fun Package which includes 6 movie passes and concession coupons to the Fabian 8 Cinema and a month-long membership to Planet 301,” according to Ms Ferreira.

Those who win during the back-to-school months of July and August will receive an iPad Mini. Winners will be notified through email or phone call, and announced weekly on the organization’s Facebook page.

The goal of the sidewalk sales is to increase local commerce. “Our merchants have the opportunity to showcase their items to pedestrians who may have passed their store window by on any other day,” says Ms Ferreira.

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