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School 6 gets 438 new windows for better ventilation

By P.T.
Published: June 28, 2013


More than 400 windows in School 6, an elementary school located on Carroll Street, were replaced to ensure better ventilation of the building – the project was completed in May 2013, according to the New Jersey Schools Development Authority, an agency that handles school construction and repairs throughout the state.

The agency began replacing existing aluminum clad wood windows in September 2012, through a construction company, which in May 2013 completed the replacement of 438 windows. Prior to the replacement, many of the windows would only open slightly from the bottom, a hindrance that was likely put in place to ensure students did not fall out the windows; the newly installed windows open not only from the bottom but also from the top – just enough to ensure twice as much air comes in when it is opened, but limited enough to ensure small children do not fall out of them.

The windows replacement cost the New Jersey taxpayers “nearly $1.5 million”; the amount was awarded to Catcord Construction of Norwood, which completed the replacements. When the next school year starts the antique building inside which more than 400 students – from grade k-to-12 — attend for an education will feel like less of an oven during the hot September month.

“The ongoing collaboration between the SDA and Paterson Public School District is yielding results that address the District’s most critical needs and ensure that Paterson students have an appropriate facility in which to learn and excel,” says Marc Larkins, Chief Executive Officer of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority, who likely understands the infrastructure problems with a large number of public schools in the city, most of which are run-down, and in need of emergency repair.

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