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Power outage in Totowa section left homes without electricity overnight

By P.T.
Published: July 7, 2013


A power outage on Saturday in the Totowa section of Paterson left a small number homes without electricity overnight, according to residents.

The outage started last night at around 10pm when some residents lost power throughout their residence while others had half of their home still functioning properly.

Danny, who lives on Sherman Avenue, says he was without power since last night, when a number of homes in that avenue lost electricity. He says, only half of his home was without it, while the other half still had power.

Being clever, Danny plugged his air conditioners into the functioning electrical outlets, so he would not have to suffer through overnight heat or lose sleep. Danny was not alone, there are other homeowners, who also lost power for about 12 hours.

Some residents called Public Service Enterprise Group or PSEG to see when power would be restored last night; however, many of them complained that the company told them a technician was dispatched overnight, and power would be restored in the morning. In the morning, when the power had yet been restored, residents called the company again: this time representatives told them someone was sent out at 8am.

It is unclear what caused the outage; those who called the power company said, they were told there was some sort of equipment failure.

Sure enough, power was restored to all homes that had gone without it since last night, at around 10:15am on Sunday morning. Paterson Times contacted the company; however, there was no one to comment on the situation.

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