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Mayor hopes demolition of Ryle Avenue mill will be completed today

By P.T.
Published: July 18, 2013


“It should be hopefully today — they’ll have concluded the demolition — that’s my hope,” said Jeffery Jones, the mayor of Paterson, about the demolition of the Ryle Avenue mill. Since Tuesday a crew has been working to take down the massive complex that crumbled earlier in the week, leaving many in the nearby residences without a home.

Mr Jones says 13 people have been evacuated from the area: “It’s about 13 people, many of them were directed to social services, and found temporary lodging.” Electricity to the homes located across the street from the crumbling building remains shut down for now, until the building is fully demolished.

Tuesday afternoon residents heard loud sounds coming out from across the street when they looked out the window they saw large bricks were rapidly falling onto the roadway from the abandoned mill across the street. The section of the Ryle Avenue leading to Presidential Boulevard remains closed.

Mr Jones says only one wall remains standing of the massive building, and he hopes the demolition is completed soon, so the displaced families can return home. “It’s over when it’s over — you never know what they’re going to find, and whatever challenges they’re going to face, so we hope it could be done soon.”

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