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13 arrested during sheriff’s weekend crackdown

By P.T.
Published: July 28, 2013


13 individuals, including two teenagers, were arrested during a weekend of anti-drug and anti-weapons sweep conducted by authorities, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

In the corner of Rosa Parks Boulevard and 12th Avenue a group gathered among them were drug dealers armed with weapons; a boy, 17-year-old, resident of Clifton, was arrested, after officers from the sheriff’s office found him carrying a loaded gun, a .38 Special. Elijhan Bracey, 21; Tashone Huntington, 22, both resident of Paterson; the two men had in their possession illegal drugs.

Another group of individuals were hanging outside Temple and North 7th Streets — detectives chased them out of the area. As they were fleeing the scene, one of the group member, dropped a weapon on the street, which was recovered by authorities, and will be checked for fingerprints.

Another boy, 15, a city resident, was arrested with 39 glassine bags of heroin.

Vently Morrison, 32, had in his possession crack and marijuana ready for distribution; Karon Nevers, 20, had 30 packets of heroin and 20 bags of crack; Joshua Shannon, 31, had in possession 15 bags of marijuana; Anton McCalla, 29, had in his possession narcotics; Sherik Myles, 32, had in possession illegal drugs; Milton Jones, 38, arrested for child support warrant; Sergio Rodriguez, 44, arrested for outstanding warrant; all aforementioned are residents of the city. Roberto Aria, 18, of Haledon, was caught with 34 bags of marijuana; Dyquain Morrison, 20, of Clifton, arrested on warrant.

Almost all of them have been charged with various weapons and drug charges.

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