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School 19 left out of recognition despite making the Jerseycan list

By P.T.
Published: October 17, 2013

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School 19, one of the schools placed on the top ten list for being a good elementary school by Jerseycan, an education policy organization, went unrecognized during Wednesday night’s board of education meeting that recognized three other schools.

The elementary school on James Street made number five on the list of ranking that reads out a total of ten elementary schools in New Jersey with the highest performance gain. “They sent us a list and they didn’t tell us about that one,” said Terry Corallo, the district’s spokesperson.

Corallo said the organization sent her an email listing only three schools: Norman S. Weir Elementary School, Roberto Clemente Elementary School, and Alexander Hamilton Academy – all three of which were lauded for their achievements. The list was released in September, and this paper reported there were four schools, while others mentioned only three.

Many of the school board members commended the schools for making the list. Chrystal Cleaves, a board member, give her “kudos” to the schools that were recognized. It’s unclear, if any of them read the actual report that listed the schools in their respective achievement categories.

Corallo suggested that maybe School 19 was not on the list because it was tied in the 5th place with another school. “Maybe they were tied, and didn’t come up,” said Corallo. “We’re going to have to make that up with School 19.”

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