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25-percent staff reduction before June, says superintendent

By P.T.
Published: December 5, 2013


A quarter of the staff members working at 90 Delaware Avenue, public school district office, will be cut by June 2014, said Donnie Evans, the state-appointed superintendent for the district.

Evans made his remark during a workshop meeting of the school board, when an auditor, who went through the school’s finances for the previous year stated that the district can no longer use its savings to balance the budget.

Budget for the current year had a gap that was plugged using $42.9 million of its surplus funds – that money has been depleted making the next budget balancing much harder. And it is to prevent a “fiscal cliff” Evans is taking measures to save money.

“I’m really expecting it to hit hard 2015-16 budget,” said Evans, predicting the so called cliff. “So it gives us little time to plan ahead of it.”

Evan’s said it’s not just the cuts that will save money, but also retirements, when older staffers leave, making way for younger ones. The superintendent said lay-offs will probably be reduced due to the change of old with the new. He said many of those who are likely to be sacked prior to June have been filling vacancies in other areas.

The cuts are certain to impact services provided to families of students. “It’s going to affect services no questions about it,” said Evans. “I don’t know what areas are going to be affected.” The cuts will be located in the district office, and will not extend into the schools, said Evans.

Jonathan Hodges, school board member, after hearing of the cuts, said the cuts ought not to impact the education of the students.

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