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Only five candidates picked up petitions for council at-large so far

By P.T.
Published: December 17, 2013


With three councilperson at large seats up for the grabs only five candidates picked up petition on Monday afternoon.

The following residents picked up 1,000 petitions each: Eric Brown, a professional driver and a video producer; Bernard Jones, junior, executive assistant at the Paterson Community Health Center, who also founded the Forever Healing Home Health Services in Dumont; Maritza Davila, who serves as assistant admissions director at the Passaic County Community College; Alex Mendez, a school board member.

Both Brown and Jones are new to politics, neither of them ran for any previous city office. Kenneth McDaniel, incumbent councilman at-large, who won a special election in 2012 after Benjie Wimberly was elected to the New Jersey General Assembly. McDaniel was the only incumbent to pick up petitions yesterday.

The other councilmembers at large: Kenneth Morris did not pick-up petition on Monday for the at-large election set to take place in May 2014. He will likely grab them before the March deadline. Rigo Rodriguez, whose seat is up for grabs, has decided to run for mayor.

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