Drug dealer with loaded Glock arrested on Sheridan Avenue | Paterson Times

Drug dealer with loaded Glock arrested on Sheridan Avenue


A city man was arrested Thursday evening for drug possession and weapon possession, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

Jesus Arroyo, 26-year-old, was haphazardly driving his vehicle, a  Chevy Blazer, through Sheridan Avenue, at around 10:10 p.m., on Thursday, when an officer pulled him over for careless driving.

Two officers: Edwin Lozada and Miguel Lopez approached the vehicle from both sides. “Lozada approached the vehicle he smelled a strong odor of raw Marijuana,” according to Richard Berdnik, the county sheriff. Lopez approached from the passenger side. “Officer Lopez approached the passenger side window and could see a clear plastic bag hanging from the driver’s pocket in plain view,” read a statement from the office.

The vehicle’s driver was asked by one of the officers to step out of his vehicle, Arroyo got out of the car; and “Lozada conducted a pat down search for weapons,” according to the sheriff. During the search for weapon officers found a loaded weapon in Arroyo’s waistband. “The search revealed a loaded .40 Caliber Glock handgun recovered from the suspect’s front waistband,” according to the office. “The handgun had a full magazine of hollow point bullets.”

The officers immediately cuffed the dangerous suspect, and placed him under arrest. “The handgun’s serial numbers were checked through the verification system and it was confirmed it was a stolen handgun from Irvington Police Department,” according to Berdnik.

Arroyo has been charged with weapon’s possession, possession of hollow nose bullets, possession of drugs, and disorderly conduct. He was taken to the county sheriff’s headquarter for booking.