Seven drug dealers and buyers arrested in Paterson sweep | Paterson Times

Seven drug dealers and buyers arrested in Paterson sweep


During a quality of life sweep that ran from the beginning of the week to the end, authorities arrested seven drug dealers and drug buyers, announced Richard Berdnik, the Passaic County Sheriff.

On Tuesday, Juan Valdez, 32, a city resident and drug dealer, was observed by authorities engaging in a drug transaction at the intersection of Market and Pennington Streets with Alex Murphy, 30, a city resident and buyer. Both Murphy and Valdez were arrested by detectives from the sheriff’s office. “Valdez was charged as a dealer with possession of 5 glassine envelopes containing heroin,” said Berdnik in a statement. Both men had warrants out for their arrests.

In the same area, Santiago Sanchez-Pena, 43, a city resident and drug dealer, was caught selling powder cocaine to Edwin Acosta, 38, a city resident and buyer. “Sanchez-Pena was charged with possession of 15 plastic bags containing powder cocaine,” according to Berdnik.

On Thursday, Jose Feliciano, 29, a city resident and dealer, was arrested attempting to sell three grams of cocaine to Mathew Marangi, 31, a resident of Franklin Lakes, near the intersection of Kearney Street and Crosby Avenue. “Marangi was arrested along with Felciano after detectives observed him attempting to buy Cocaine from Feliciano,” read a statement from Berdnik. “The transaction was interrupted by detectives prior to the exchanged was completed.” Officers found a bag of marijuana in Marangi’s possession, according to the sheriff.

On Friday, Thomas Lugo, 29, a city resident, was caught near Crosby Avenue and Kearney Street, evading a criminal warrant out for his arrest.

“The Sheriff’s Office will continue to arrest not only drug dealers, but those who go to high drug areas to purchase narcotics,” said Berdnik. “So far, each week in 2014 has seen an aggressive narcotics sweep from the Sheriff’s Office.”