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Culinary School at Eva’s Village opens up with credentials

By Jonathan Greene
Published: January 19, 2014


Eva’s Village received approval and the requisite credentials from the New Jersey Department of Education to operate its culinary training school out of Paterson, announced the anti-poverty organization on Friday.

“The Culinary School at Eva’s Village is a private vocational school certified by the New Jersey Department of Education and Department of Labor and Workforce Development,” read the announcement issued by the organization. “The school was established to provide job training and placement in the food service industry for adults interested in attaining careers in the culinary profession.”

A series of courses dealing with knife skills, breakfast cooking, culinary math, lasting five months will equip adults with fundamental cooking skills to obtain basic jobs in the food preparation industry. “The lack of employable skills prevents many of our clients and those in the community from becoming self-sufficient,” said Marie Reger, the organization’s director, in a statement.

The school will train those it serves to provide them with improved employment prospects; the school will not only seeks to train and prepare for careers those in need and seek assistance from its Market Street base, but also the general public. Those interested in learning the fundamentals of cookery will be able to sign up.

The organization is “actively recruiting students for enrollment,” read the announcement. “Eva’s board of directors authorized the culinary program more than two years ago and we are very excited to be enrolling our first students,” said Donna Marie Fico, the organization’s marketing head.

“The most important issue is to help people in the community improve their job skills, improve their employment prospects and improve their ability to reach places of employment,” said Reger. The program’s first session is set to start on March 3rd, 2014.

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