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Inmate files civil rights complaint over K9 attack

By Jonathan Greene
Published: February 8, 2014


An inmate arrested by a city police officer in 2011 is alleging that the officer set a vicious dog on him letting the K9 bite his “left calf” and “left thigh causing serve injuries,” according to the complaint.

Latif Gadson, 26-year-old, was arrested by Mike Dipizzai, a K9 officer with the department, on July 16th, 2011. Gadson alleges that even after he was apprehended, the arresting officer allowed Brix, the dog, to continue biting him.

“I have emotional problems which resulted in me seeing a psychologist to deal with my fear of dogs,” wrote Gadson in the complaint that was filed on Tuesday.

The inmate, who has since been to the Passaic County Jail, wrote in the complaint that he continues to suffer as a result of that attack. Gadson wrote he suffered from “nerve damages, nightmares, extreme pain,” and he continues to experience pain.

Gadson stated that it took him this long to file his complained because he was refused access to his arrest information. “I was also denied the paperwork for the incident which resulted in the delay of filing this complaint,” wrote Gadson.

Gadson cites another officer who was present at the scene telling Dipizzai to reign in the vicious dog, but the dog K9 officer did not bother to heed.

The inmate is seeking the city pay his medical bill for injuries, compensate him for pain and suffering. Gadson states the dog bites will prevent him from obtaining good employment in the future.

Gadson wants Dipizzai to be terminated because he does not understand the basics of controlling the dog, according to the complaint. Gadson wrote the officer had “no regard towards any life.”

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