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Letter: School board member commends Goow’s education plan

By Corey Teague
Published: April 12, 2014


As a parent and as a school board member, I am concerned about our educational system. I would like to draw your attention to a plan that I believe will be highly beneficial in that it will help to strengthen Paterson’s educational structure. The plan I am referencing was written by the former 2nd ward Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Aslon Goow. And here it is folks.

Aslon Goow promises to partner with the school board so that the students and schools have the full power of Paterson behind them. I believe that it is very necessary for the Mayor to strongly support the board’s initiatives, which isn’t happening presently. Currently, there is a lack of communication between the present administration and the board of education.

Aslon Goow plans to form an advisory board, which would consist of parents and community stakeholders. That group would work in conjunction with the board of education to assist in improving parental involvement in the schools while also training the parents on the rights that they have as parents and strengthening the relationship between the board and the community as a whole.

Aslon Goow also plans to create a student advisory board which would ensure that the students have a seat at the table when discussing topics that will directly impact their educational endeavors and experiences. Students need and deserve to have their voices heard. And this platform will allow for that process to be successful.

Aslon Goow plans to formulate a City Hall Internship Program for selected qualified High School students which would give them an in depth and up close experience to see how public service and city government works. Our children are our future. To this end, it is necessary for them to have the opportunity to see how it all works on a day to day basis.

Aslon Goow is a strong role model. He represents the kind of leader needed to drive this city forward. He is one who’ll immediately take charge of the city. We need a sudden change. I am aware that it takes time to bring about large scale changes but on a short term basis, we need some immediate fixes. Reforming our school system can be a start to those changes.

Safety in school zones will be a top priority for Aslon Goow. Many joke about his stance on crime. However, a crime fighter is what this city needs right now. No one is properly or consistently addressing the issue of crimes that occur on or around school grounds. We need to implement a solid and concrete safety in school zones program. He will see to it.

Paterson must restructure it’s after school programs and allow our youth more opportunities to engage in community based activities such as neighborhood clean ups, financial literacy programs, college prep events and a sufficient big brother big sister program. We need to make a aggressive effort to beautify our open spaces on a regular basis. He will see to it.

Another factor that affects education is hunger. It’s a subject that many people choose not to focus on. It’s a topic that effects well over 60% of Paterson’s students. That means 1 in every 5 students, citywide, are affected in some way by hunger. The reasons vary from a lack of financial stability to a lack of nutritional foods in and out of the schools. He will address it.

In all, Mayoral Candidate Aslon Goow has presented a 20-page plan that, if implemented, will in fact help to get Paterson back on track. I am more than confident in his abilities. I am more than satisfied with him because I know how much he loves this city. He’s dedicated 12 years to the service of others. He’s born and raised here. Paterson needs a strong leader.

Corey Teague
School board member

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