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Sayegh continues to lead the pack with $272,789 raised so far

By Jayed Rahman
Published: May 8, 2014


City council president Andre Sayegh continues to lead in campaign fundraising with $272,789 raised so far during the mayoral race; close behind Sayegh is former mayor Jose “Joey” Torres with $247,854.

11-day pre-election finance reports filed with the state shows Torres increasing his war chest while falling behind: in the last report filed with the state Torres and Sayegh had a gap of $18,000 that gap has widened to $25,000 as Democratic Party money pours in for the council president.

Gary Schaer, assemblyman from Passaic City representing New Jersey’s 36th Legislative District and a Democrat, contributed $2,500; Raj Mukherji, a Jersey City Democrat representing New Jersey’s 33rd Legislative District, donated $1,000 to Sayegh’s campaign.

Other candidates in the race: Donna Nelson-Ivy, raised $14,269, according to her most recent filing. Finance reports for the rest of the candidates were unavailable.

Council at-large race

Kenneth Morris, incumbent councilman, continues to dominate with the $58,454 that he reported in his previous filing. Eddie Gonzalez, public outreach director at the New Jersey Community Development Corporation, raised $26,200. Kenneth McDaniel, incumbent councilman, raised $23,000.

Maritza Davila, an admission’s officer at Passaic County Community College, who publicly stated she would file her report, has yet to file either for the last 29-day report or the most recent 11-day report – no report is available.

Insiders suspect Davila’s finance report will include donations from her party and others associated with it.

Michael Jackson, the owner of Jacksonville Restaurant on Grand Street, raised $10,515, according to his recent finance report.

Mayoral candidates remaining balance

Torres retains $63,000 out of the aforementioned total he has raised during this election cycle; Sayegh holds $22,557 after spending a chunk on television advertising.

With election less than a week away candidates have been shaking hands, taking names, and sending contribution request emails.

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