Goow: “A campaign is more than a means to an end” | Paterson Times

Goow: “A campaign is more than a means to an end”


I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of those who voted for me on May 13th and supported my candidacy.  

Your vote is one of your most sacred civic rights and to those who voted for me, I am honored. We may not have won at the ballot box, but we were successful on many other fronts and our work was not in vain.

A campaign is more than a means to an end, and it means more than the end result.  We stayed true to our message and goal of making Paterson cleaner and safer for every resident, ending corruption, and restoring accountability in government.

I congratulate the winners of Tuesday’s election and wish them success in working towards a cleaner and safer Paterson for all and in being the responsible and accountable officials that the people deserve.

We must now look forward and work in partnership for Paterson. While challenges remain, I still believe that our future is bright and our City’s greatest days lie ahead.

Aslon Goow
Former 2nd Ward councilman