Sheriff’s warrant enforcement operations yields 58 arrests | Paterson Times

Sheriff’s warrant enforcement operations yields 58 arrests


A week long operation resulted in the arrest of 58 individuals with outstanding warrants throughout the county, announced the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

The warrant enforcement operation dubbed “Operation Spring Clean” had sheriff’s officers deployed on the street six nights searching out individuals with outstanding warrants.

“Operation Spring Clean is the first of several anti-crime initiative that will be implemented by the Sheriff’s Office in the spring and early summer,” said Richard Berdnik, the county sheriff.

Officers enforced 86 county court and family court warrants to nab the 58 individuals, said Berdnik. The sheriff said among those arrested were seven individuals who were caught with drugs.

Berdnik highlighted two incidents in the city where a drug dealer and a child support evader was arrested in the third and first wards.

Richard Fleming, 33, a city resident with an outstanding warrant out for his arrest, was seen completing two hand-to-hand drug transactions at the intersection of 7th Avenue and East 25th Street.

Fleming was observed climbing inside a Lexus sedan following the transaction. Officers pulled over the vehicle at which point Fleming rushed out and began running away from officers. Officers pursued the drug dealer, caught him, and charged Fleming with resisting arrest and narcotics distribution, said Berdnik.

Rakim Belton, 25, city resident who had an outstanding family court warrant out for his arrest, was playing dice with a group of individuals near Union Avenue and Kearney Street disturbing the peace.

A concerned citizen complained to an officer about seven individuals gambling playing dice in the area. Sheriff’s officers responded to find Belton throwing dice with the group, he was arrested.

Both city men were transported to Passaic County Jail.

“Because of the hard work of Sheriff’s Officers involved, almost 60 individuals were taken into custody to be held liable for their past actions,” remarked Berdnik.