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Breakfast after the bell is a necessity‏


I am writing this letter to express my support for the implementation of the breakfast after the bell program. It is essential that students receive proper nutriment in order for them to be successful in school. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It is my opinion that the district has not done a good enough job at ensuring all students are provided with breakfast after the bell district wide.

I want to make it clear that I fully support this program. I believe it should be implemented in all of the schools beginning in September 2014.

I have heard arguments that many of the teachers are not cooperating with the program because they are not contractually obligated to do so. Even if that is the case, every educator’s desire should be for every student to succeed. In order for that to be a reality, students will need to receive breakfast each day, even if it means providing that essential meal after the first bell has rang to start the day.

I am well aware of the struggles of many of our students in the district. For many of them, school meals are all they receive for the day.

I truly hope that the program will take full effect in the coming academic year. It was brought to light by the PEOC [Parent Education Organizing Council] that Paterson is not taking advantage of or properly utilizing the program as they should.

As a result, it is the children who suffer.

Let’s get it together as a district and see to it that all of our students are afforded the opportunity to have breakfast each day and perhaps we will see the kind of academic strides we have been seeking for so many years. Let’s live up to our motto and prepare each student for success.

Corey Teague
School board member