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Sheriff’s quality of life sweep nets 14 “walkers”

By Jonathan Greene
Published: June 27, 2014


14 women were arrested during a quality-of-life sweep on Thursday evening, announced Richard Berdnik, Passaic County Sheriff.

Berdnik said several city residents complained to his office about prostitutes walking around soliciting johns on Broadway. “Because of several prostitution related complaints from Paterson residents the Sheriff’s office conducted this Quality of Life Detail,” Berdnik said.

The sheriff’s office deployed undercover officers posing as johns. When walkers, street name for prostitutes, offered sex for money, they were nabbed.

One of the prostitute is from Passaic City and another from Lodi and the rest were city residents. Eneida Rivera-Lopez, 43, Passaic City resident, was arrested on Broadway and Rosa Parks Boulevard. Rivera-Lopez was found to have a previous $1,000 criminal warrant out of the city.

Jessica Witman, 21, a Lodi resident, was nabbed on Market and East 21st Street. Witman had outstanding warrants from Lodi, Paterson, and South Hackensack in the amount of $ 2,272, according to the sheriff’s office.

The 12 city residents nabbed during the operations were: Patricia Nettles, 46, was nabbed on Broadway and Rosa Parks Boulevard; Jacqueline Diaz, 32, was arrested on Market and East 30th Streets; Marilyn Thompson, 55, was nabbed on Straight Street and Broadway; Nikia Teabout, 44, was arrested on Ellison Street and Madison Avenue; Christina Misko, 33, was arrested on Van Houten and East 18th streets; Lavina Caldwell, 35, was arrested on East 26th and Market streets; Wandaliz Sanchez, 29, and Maria Desouza. 25, and Karyn Eisengart, 43, were arrested on Van Houten and Summer streets; Karin Tinley, 49, was arrested on Straight Street and Broadway; Elizabeth Wolmack, 26, was arrested on Broadway and Auburn Street; Vanessa Childs, 21, was nabbed on Straight Street and Broadway.

Nettles is wanted by Ringwood and Lake Hopatcong police. Diaz is wanted on a $1,000 warrant from the city. Thompson is wanted on four criminal warrants in the amount of $1,258. Teabout is wanted by police in Clifton, Newark and Paterson on criminal warrants totaling 1,708.00.

Misko is wanted on warrant worth $1,000 from Elmwood Park police. Caldwell is wanted on $2,578 warrant out of Irvington.

Those with warrants are being detained in the city’s police lockup, Berdnik said.

Sanchez, Desouza, Eisengart, Tinley, Wolmack and Childs were charged and released, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Throughout the summer, the Sheriff’s Office has been focused on enforcing street level criminal laws, including, narcotic trafficking and prostitution,” added Berdnik.

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