Police catch suspect in Godwin Avenue drive-by shooting | Paterson Times

Police catch suspect in Godwin Avenue drive-by shooting


A city man who police allege is the shooter in a drive-by shooting that left six people injured last month was apprehended Monday morning, according to the Paterson Police Department.

Delshawn Lowery, 21-year-old, was arrested early Monday morning near North Main and Jefferson Street, police said.

Following the June 9, 2014 shooting, detectives Francisco Brito and Aramis Alba investigated the incident identifying Lowery as a suspect.

Lowery was inside a vehicle that passed slowly on Godwin Avenue near Rosa Parks Boulevard releasing a flurry of bullets at a crowd standing outside. Four men and two women were wounded in the incident.

The first male victim, 17-year-old, sustained a graze wound on the head; the second male victim, 18-year-old, suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder; the third male victim, 24-year-old, was wounded in the legs; and the fourth male victim, 61-year-old, sustained injuries to the feet, according to police.

The first female victim, 18-year-old, sustained injuries to the feet and upper torso; the second female victim, 45-year-old, sustained a gunshot wound to the foot, police said.

All six victims have been released from hospital and are recovering.

Lowery has been charged with six counts of attempted murder and weapons offenses. The 21-year-old is being held in police cellblock pending a court appearance on Wednesday. Bail has been set at $3 million cash, police said.

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