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City unveils community center at the Alexander Hamilton site

By Jonathan Greene
Published: July 21, 2014


A 24,000 square feet community center was unveiled at the former Alexander Hamilton Housing Project site where now stands 241 units of mixed income housing development.

Funding for the new center as well as the mixed-income housing development itself came from an $18.4 million federal grant transmitted through the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HOPE VI Grant.

Local and federal officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday morning at the site celebrating the opening of what’s being called the Heritage Community Center at Alexander Hamilton.

“This revitalization effort will reduce neighborhood crime and create a more integrated community with a sense of place that comes from giving families more space and having a walkable neighborhood,” Congressman Bill Pascrell said. “In this time of economic recovery, where capital funding has been tight, projects funded with the help of federal funding are supporting the momentum we need to add jobs back to our economy.”

The crime magnet that stood at the old Alabama Projects was torn down in 2010 after the congressman secured funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. A year later, the city received notification that it would be the receipt of $18.4 million HOPE VI Grant to revitalize 12.67 acre of land left behind after the demolition of the housing project.

Development at the site is being undertaken by the Paterson Housing Authority in partnership with Pennrose Properties. The housing development is professionally managed by Pennrose Management Company.

“I am proud to see Paterson celebrate this type of smart economic stimulus knowing that the City is receiving the investment it deserves,” Pascrell said.

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