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19 roads to be resurfaced using $608,000 state grant

By Jayed Rahman
Published: July 28, 2014


The city plans to resurface 19 roads throughout its six wards using $607,860 in grant money it received two months ago from the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

The 1st Ward will see four streets resurfaced, while the rest of the wards will each see three roads paved. The 1st Ward will see Granite Avenue, half of North 7th Street, a segment of Jasper Street, and a large portion of Memorial Drive.

In the 2nd Ward, Barnes and Quinn and Hoxey Streets, located off McBride Avenue, will be resurfaced. In the 3rd Ward, a large section of East 23rd Street and portions of 10th and 19th Avenues will be resurfaced, according to city data.

In the 4th Ward, Bleeker Street will be resurfaced along with segments of Hamilton Avenue and Fulton Street. The 5th Ward will see the resurfacing of 16th Avenue, most of Dale Avenue, and a tiny portion of east 28th Street.

In the 6th Ward, Lewis Street will be resurfaced along with a section of Dundee and Trenton Avenues.

The resurfacing will cover 24,000 feet of road, according to city records. City officials are set to appropriate the funds during a regular meeting of the city council on Tuesday evening.

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