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14 police vehicles to be purchased using seized cash

By Jayed Rahman
Published: August 4, 2014


The city’s police department will receive 14 police vehicles courtesy of drug dealers. The local law enforcement agency will purchase the vehicles using monies seized from drug dealers during raids and arrests.

The city will spend a total of $251,700 from its forfeiture funds to purchase 10 police interceptors while going to bid to purchase four more in the coming months. Additionally, the city will spend another $118,181 in forfeiture money for the installation of emergency lights and accessories on police vehicles.

The department will receive four interceptor utility vehicles for the narcotics division at a cost of $104,100 and six interceptors for the traffic division for $147,600. The 10 vehicles will be purchased from Winner Ford of Cherry Hill.

Emergency lighting installation and vehicle accessories will be purchased from 10-75 Emergency Lighting of Haskell at a cost of $118,181. City officials authorized the purchases during the most recent meeting of the governing body.

Officials also granted the city’s purchasing agent the authority to solicit bid to purchase four more vehicles for the department: three 2015 Chevrolet Tahoes and a  2014 Ford cargo van.

The purchase of the 10 new vehicles and the lighting installations come from money seized during police operations against criminals.

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