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Residents force Gaeta Recycling to move noisy trucks

By Jayed Rahman
Published: October 14, 2014


After filing multiple complaints with municipal, county, and state authorities, residents of the South Paterson neighborhood have succeeded in forcing Gaeta Recycling to move its loud trucks out of a vacant lot on Genessee Avenue.

After being cited for a violation in July over noise pollution by the Passaic County Health Department, the company allegedly disputed the violation, at one point demanding it wants to re-do the test with a private inspector.

Anthony Gaeta, the company’s owner, was given 30 days to address the problem; however, he requested additional time to possibly contest the violation. The company was given an additional 30 days to rectify the problem.

“Gaeta also requested if he could do his noise investigation with PCDH so that both noise readings can be taken from the same location and at the same time,” said Keith Furlong, spokesperson for the county.

The company then hired a noise consultant to figure out a corrective measure. “He hired a noise consultant,” said Paul Fen, county environmental health specialist. Fen said the company was seeking to possibly construct a sound proof wall to prevent noise from escaping the facility; however that plan came to naught.

“They didn’t go that route,” said Fen. “They wound up securing a lease someplace else where they are parking their vehicles.”

The company which is located on West Railway Avenue with operations on Knickerbocker and Genessee Avenues has angered residents with the emission of loud noise during the early morning hours waking residents from bed.

29 residents living near the company lodged a petition in 2013, sending copies to the mayor’s office and city council members only to hear a mum response. Marc Grinkin, resident of Genessee Avenue, brought the company’s bad habits to the entire city’s attention during the most recent mayoral election.

Although the company has moved most of its trucks, some continue to remain at the site, said Grinkin. Those remaining trucks start their engines as early as 6 a.m.

When told residents continue to say the company is emitting noise despite moving its vehicles and being cited, Fen said: “If there is further noise issue” residents should request additional noise tests at the location.

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