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City creates no parking zone on Hill Street

By Jayed Rahman
Published: February 14, 2015


City officials approved a no parking zone for a section of Hill Street between Ryerson and Preakness Avenues to accommodate the needs of a nearby company.

The Union Mason Supplies informed city officials that it has difficulty maneuvering large construction trucks whenever vehicles are parked on the block. The narrow block contains a small number of parking spaces with one residential property located on that portion of Hill Street.

A resident living at that property said very few residents park their vehicles on that portion of the street. She said during the night the street is usually devoid of vehicles, but during the day employees of nearby companies park their cars.

Residents will be barred from parking on the northwest portion – “beginning at the northeasterly curb line of Preakness Avenue and extending northeasterly until the southwesterly curb line on Ryerson Avenue” — of the street at all times of the day, reads the ordinance.

Council members held a public hearing on the ordinance prior to unanimous passage on Tuesday evening.

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