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Police arrest homicide suspect in his Ellison Street home

By Jayed Rahman
Published: March 27, 2015


More than five-month after he allegedly shot and killed a 35-year-old city man on Martin Street, 24-year old Darell Gerard was arrested and charged with murder on Friday afternoon.

Gerard was arrested in his home located at 383 Ellison Street by city police detectives at about 3 p.m., said police director Jerry Speziale.

Gerard allegedly fired the shot that killed Omar Clark last November. Since then, Speziale said detectives Steve Iacuzzo, Jason English, Benny Ramos, Todd Pearl, Ritchie Martinez worked tirelessly to solve the homicide that resulted from a November 15th, 2014 shooting incident in the corner of Martin Street and 21st Avenue.

Police arrested Gerard without a struggle or weapon involvement, said Speziale.

Clark, the victim, who lived on Martin Street was walking nearby his home at about 7:30 p.m., when he was approached by two men. One of the men, suspected to be Gerard, pulled out a handgun and demanded his possessions.

A failed escape resulted in Clark being shot in the leg. He later died from his injuries.

“I’m proud of the hard work, tireless efforts and dedication of the men and women of Paterson finest,” said Speziale. “If you commit a crime, you should be prepared to face apprehension, prosecution and incarceration.”

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