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Sheriff: Motor vehicle stop yields two on drug and motor vehicle offenses

By Jonathan Greene
Published: April 26, 2015


A motor vehicle stop at the intersection of Madison and Cedar streets on Saturday evening resulted in the arrest of a suspected drug dealer and a driver who was transporting him, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Authorities arrested Luis Serrano, 20, of Paterson, and David Dyson, 35, of Woodbridge, at around 6:06 p.m. on Saturday. Serrano was driving a vehicle that had Dyson in the back passenger seat.

When Sheriff’s Officers John Tolerico and Jose Rosado pulled over the vehicle at the intersection, Serrano opened the door and attempted to exit the vehicle. Officers advised him to sit in his vehicle, he hesitantly complied, authorities said.

“This is not my car, I do not have my license on me,” Serrano told authorities nervously looking around, authorities said.

Tolerico approached the back passenger side of the vehicle where he located Dyson. The Woodbridge man had a driver’s license (he could not find it in his person during the stop), but was not wearing seat belt as is required by law, authorities said.

Dyson asked authorities if he could get his tobacco tin. Authorities observed a small clear bag with greenish brown vegetation: suspected marijuana. Dyson was ordered to step out of the vehicle, further investigation found he had two more clear baggies of suspected marijuana and a brick of heroin, 50 glassine envelopes worth $350 on the streets in his left pants pocket, authorities said.

Dyson was charged with drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, and possession with intent to distribute 1,000 feet of a school.

“Once again, alert Officers on routine patrol are to arrest a drug dealer,” Berdnik said. The PCSO will continue to look for and arrest those individuals involved in the distribution of narcotics in Passaic County.”

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