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Police officer arrests gunman after chase down East 22nd Street

By Jayed Rahman
Published: July 7, 2015


An armed suspect attempted to flee police on Monday night, but a police officer gave chase arresting the 34-year-old gunman in the driveway of a 12th Avenue home, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Andre McPhersen was ensnared in a motor vehicle stop on 12th Avenue between East 22nd and East 23rd Streets at about 10:30 p.m. He was inside a white BMW with temporary registration plates that was double parked in mid-block on 12th Avenue.

Police officers M. Bashir and K. Washington were on foot patrol in the area when they observed the vehicle which let in two unknown males in the rear. A motor vehicle stop was conducted. Washington approached on the driver’s side to obtain credentials and Bashir approached on the passenger side.

Both officers noticed marijuana odor coming out of the vehicle. Officers asked about the smell. McPhersen, a passenger, answered he had just finished “smoking a joint.”

Bashir requested McPhersen to step out of the vehicle for an interview. McPhersen fled on foot after the interview began.

McPhersen was chased by Bashir down East 22nd Street. As the officer was chasing the suspect he noticed McPhersen drop firearm magazines from his pocket. The chase continued into the yard of 567 East 22nd Street, where the suspect attempted to discard a 9 mm handgun, whose serial number was defaced.

The chase continued until McPhersen fell in the driveway of 297 12th Avenue where he was arrested. Police officers Brian Culmone and William Herrmann arrived on the scene and assisted in bringing the suspect into custody.

Detectives Cossari and Zahn processed the crime scene and McPhersen was transported to police lockup for processing, said the director.

McPhersen was charged with various weapons offenses as well as resisting arrest by flight and marijuana possession, said Speziale.

The driver of the white BMW, Joseph Calhoun III was issued motor vehicle citations for double parking and improper taking and letting off of passengers, said the director.

“The tireless efforts and teamwork by Paterson’s Finest is remarkable and removed another weapon from our streets,” said Speziale.

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