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46-year-old alleged car burglar arrested on Memorial Drive

By Jayed Rahman
Published: August 3, 2015


An alert detective quickly arrested a 46-year-old alleged car burglar as he made his way towards Memorial Drive from Broadway after prowling through a pickup truck and taking electronics from the Dodge Ram, said police director Jerry Speziale.

The suspect Richard Cosme was observed entering through a back sliding window of the Dodge Ram by detective Joel Santiago as he sat in traffic at the intersection. Santiago witnessed Cosme rummage through the interior of the vehicle looking for valuables.

Cosme then exited the vehicle with electronics and walked towards Memorial Drive. Santiago approached the suspect and identified himself as police officer and asked about the ownership of the items in Cosme’s possession.

The suspect ignored the police officer and continued to walk away. Santiago ordered the suspect to stop, Cosme refused. At this time the owner of the vehicle arrived and noticed the van was burglarized. The vehicle owner informed the officer.

Santiago cuffed Cosme charging him with third-degree burglary and theft, said the director.

Santiago, a detective assigned to the police Juvenile Division under the command of lieutenant Jamie Navarro, was alert and able to discern the burglary incident as it unfolded, allowing him to catch the individual responsible, said Speziale.

“The criminal element needs to recognize that all the divisions of the Paterson Police Department are committed to the welfare of the citizens and work as a team to make a safer Paterson,” said Speziale.

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