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Paterson fire truck damaged going uphill on Dixon Avenue

By Jayed Rahman
Published: August 12, 2015


A city fire truck purchased last year sustained damages as it was going up a hill on Dixon Avenue on Saturday.

Fire chief Michael Postorino said the drive shaft came apart on the ladder tower. He said the part is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. “It’s a vehicle that has a manufacturer part break and the company will come and fix it,” said Postorino.

It’s a piece of equipment that had a mechanical problem that the dealer is fixing, said the chief. “It’s normal wear and tear on the vehicle,” said Postorino.

The chief said there are vehicles that break down regularly. Postorino was agitated about media coverage of fire trucks breaking down. “Tell whomever your fireman source is to maybe spend more time doing his or her job,” he said.

The truck was purchased in 2014, said the chief. “Vehicles break down when they are used a lot. We’re a busy fire department,” said Postorino.

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