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Pre-school enrollment open for Paterson parents

By Paterson Times Staff
Published: August 22, 2015


The Greater Bergen Community Action is enrolling children from low-income homes ages 0-5 for Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Paterson, Jersey City, and Bergen County.

Free for children and their families, the organization welcomes children with disabilities. Head Start for children 3-5 and Early Head Start for babies through age three are staffed with certified teachers, family workers, nutritional experts, and healthcare professionals and para professionals.

The program prepares the young children socially, academically for kindergarten while providing free educational, vision, dental, health, and developmental screening. Nutritional counseling is also provided to ensure a healthy start.

Free diaper and baby formula as well as healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, are provided at the pre-school. A child’s day runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Some locations also have free bussing and some extended hours are available at modest cost.

Greater Bergen Community Action has been the largest Head Start provider in Bergen County since 1967. The group took over the Paterson head start program in 2013 and Jersey City in 2014.

Free parent education, English as second language classes, and American citizenship classes are offered by the organization throughout the year.

Long term effects of pre-schooling are many. A 27-year-old who attended pre-school earns $2,000 more monthly, according to the Urban Child Institute.

Juvenile delinquency is reduced and a 27-year-old without pre-schooling is twice as likely to be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Children with pre-school under the built also do well academically, according to the institute.

For more information about enrolling your child to Head Start/Early Head Start programs call (973) 546-2364 or go to

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