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Police capture fugitive hiding behind 21st Avenue gas station after pursuit


A 24-year-old city fugitive wanted on aggravated sexual assault charge was apprehended early Saturday morning after a brief foot pursuit that led to the suspect hiding in the rear yard of Spirit gas station on 21st Avenue, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Junior Nunez was arrested on the fugitive warrant as well as for resisting arrest, providing false information, and motor vehicle violations. He was operating a motor vehicle at about 1:51 a.m. that sped through a red light on Madison and Market Streets that caught the attention of police officers Brian Culmone and William Hermmann who were on patrol of the area.

Police officers followed the motorcycle and conducted a stop on East 26th Street and 20th Avenue. Officer Frank Rendina notified other police officers during the stop that the motorcycle was registered to Jeffery Suarez, an armed and dangerous fugitive wanted by police for a June 2015 shooting.

Nunez provided police officers with a driver license whose photograph did match his face. The suspect continued to try to unsuccessfully confuse police officers by providing false identifying information.

Police did not believe Nunez and continued to inquire. Nunez then began to flee from the officer that resulted in Culmone and Hermmann giving chase.

Culmone and Hermmann later positively identified Nunez.

The officers called in the Emergency Response Team officers Claude Mineo, Daniel Condon, and Manuel Avila who responded to the area and helped locate the fleeing suspect.

Nunez was located hiding in the rear yard of Spirt gas station, 503 21st Avenue. He was arrested and charged.

“Hermmann and Culmone are sharp officers, which is evidenced by their attention to detail, which resulted in the identification of a wanted and dangerous individual,” said the director.

Speziale said Nunez is being held at the city police lockup awaiting arraignment.

“All the officers involved played an integral role in apprehending this fugitive and the teamwork displayed was remarkable,” said Speziale.