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Residents turn Marion Street into a one-way

By Jayed Rahman
Published: October 5, 2015


After a drawn-out process that lasted many years, residents of Marion Street have successfully turned their accident prone narrow two-way street into a one-way.

The city council approved the change which will turn Marion Street between Lauren Street and Totowa Avenue into a southbound one-way on Tuesday evening.

Hilario Perez, who lives in the corner of Marion Street and Union Avenue, has been leading the campaign to turn the street a one-way. He told council members in early September that cars parked on the street overnight are often found vandalized the next morning.

The narrowness of the street makes it impossible for two vehicles to travel through the street without colliding, said residents.

Perez challenged 1st Ward councilman James Staton to park his vehicle overnight on Marion Street and inspect it the next morning. He and about half-dozen residents gathered at the council in September to press their case.

Alex Mendez, councilman at-large, said Perez and others who reside on Marion Street, collected signatures to petition the council to enact the change.

The change turns Marion Street into a consistent one-way. The 30 feet wide street was a one-way between Laurel and Garrison Streets. It was a two-way running from Garrison Street to Totowa Avenue.

Staton initially opposed the measure, but voted in favor of it on Tuesday evening. The council unanimously approved the change following a public hearing.

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