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Paterson police quickly arrest two suspects after gunshots fired on North York Street

By Jayed Rahman
Published: November 9, 2015


Two suspects were quickly arrested after gunshots were fired from the yard of a North York Street home early Sunday morning, according to police director Jerry Speziale.

Betsy Manzor, 26, and Carlos Cruz, 22, were arrested on weapons offenses and a stolen firearm was recovered, said the director.

Shots were fired at about 5:37 a.m. triggering a police response. Police officers Jonathan Bustios and Daniel Pent arrived at 48 North York Street to receive conflicting accounts from a number of individuals fleeing the scene in a white vehicle.

Police minutes later received information that three possible suspects were hide in the rear yard of 40 North York Street.

The officers parked their interceptor at a distance and quietly approached the door of 48 North York Street and overheard individuals inside talk about being involved in the shooting, said the director.

Officers knocked on the door and requested back up. They observed an individual running with a weapon in hand leading to a chase. Cruz, a city resident, who discarded three live shotgun shells, was arrested.

Cruz was charged with obstruction of a governmental function.

The officers secured the location.

Manzor, also a city resident, attempted to discard a loaded 45 caliber Glock handgun. The weapon was loaded with five hollow point rounds.

Three 12 gauge shotgun ammo was recovered as well.

Police determined the weapon was stolen out of Pennsylvania.

Manzor was charged with possession of stolen firearm, possession of hollow point ammunition, and obstruction of a governmental function, said the director.

The director said Manzor and Cruz were transported to lock up pending bail and court appearance.

“Both these officers had the ability to see the situation for what it was an acted accordingly to protect themselves and the public while removing a dangerous high power weapon from our streets,” said Speziale. “The actions and quick thinking by the officers is typical of the dangers they face in pursuit of justice,” said the director.

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