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Sheriff: Five people arrested in Paterson drug bust

By Jonathan Greene
Published: November 24, 2015


A two-week investigation into a Carroll Street drug distribution joint yielded five arrests Monday, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Alex Ramos, 44; Luis Mojica, 30; Nelson Robledo, 27; Rosa Hayre, 20; Ranaisha Mouzone, 20, all city residents, were arrested Monday at 276 Carroll Street.

Detectives raided the home and recovered half-ounce of cocaine, more than a pound of marijuana, prescription “molly” pills, a Smith & Wesson .38cal revolver, and $7,200 in suspected drug proceeds, authorities said.

The drugs recovered had a street value of $4,200, Berdnik said.

Mojica, Robledo, Ramos were observed conducting hand-to-hand transaction from the home’s porch during the surveillance operation. When detectives tried to enter the residence Mojica and Ramos bolted the door as Ramos, 5’10 and 300 pounds, stood behind the door, his body pressed against it thwarting a ram breach by detectives.

Detectives arrested all five Carroll Street residents with numerous drug and weapons offenses, Berdnik said.

“The PCSO will continue to investigate and arrest individuals involved in the narcotic trade,” Berdnik said.

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